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top 3 private and exam schools in Massachusetts, Roxbury Latin School, Winsor and Milton Academy

From the parent of an ISEE student:

Thanks to Boston Tutoring and their organized and scaffolded approach to exam prep, my daughter placed in the top 5% of students on the ISEE exam and secured a seat at Boston Latin School. My daughter enjoyed her session immensely and requested that we continue her tutoring sessions into high school. I think this says it all!

From the parent of a third grader:

My daughter utilized your services over the course of a summer to strengthen her third grade math and language arts skills. The tutor your provided was a perfect match for my daughter’s needs and personality. The tutor was well versed in research based strategies to support math and reading skills, and was able to customize the tutoring to adapt to my daughter’s progress and challenges each week.

The Center was well run, professional and comfortable. The tutors I saw, including you [Anne}, providing support to students from many different backgrounds were focused and organized.

From the parent of a second grader:

Dear Boston Tutoring Center, I’m writing to let you know how happy [my son] is with his weekly tutoring sessions. In addition to the academic skill building, he seems to glean a sense of well being from the one-hour sessions. The one-on-one support has made a big difference to his confidence as a student. His teacher has remarked as to this in particular. She has also noted an increased rate of progress in [my son]’s schoolwork. Thanks so much for your services.

From an SAT and math student:

Attending Boston Tutoring Center has helped to change my view on education and what it can do for me. I first began to go to the Center because of my problems with geometry during my sophomore year and due to the help I received, my grade increased several points. That same year I began SAT prep there and say that the preparation made me receive higher scores than I ever thought I could have had working on my own. I am currently being tutored for precalculus and I am seeing the same effects on my grades. Boston Tutoring Center has helped to make me a much better student thanks to the detailed instruction and guidance I needed to improve.

From the parent of a math student:

Just a short note to thank you as well as [my son]’s instructor for the excellent tutoring services provided to my son. [He] was struggling with his Algebra course and, as a result of the coaching/teaching provided by your instructors, he was successful in obtaining an 80 average for the current year’s first semester. He continues to do well in the course and, hopefully, will be able to achieve an above 80 average going forward.

From the parent of an ISEE student:

Boston Tutoring Center helped both my sons for ISEE preparation and consulting services. My sons’ scores increased after the preparation and both were admitted to a top private school. Anne and her team is excellent. Anne is honest with you and is very helpful in the process. I appreciate her and her team’s help!

From the parent of an SAT and physics student:

I am writing in regards to the Boston Tutoring Center. My daughter had been tutored there last year for physics and currently in preparation for the SATs. Within a couple of months my daughter had brought her grade up from a D to a B in Physics.

We are kept appraised of her progress with written reports mailed to us monthly. We have been very satisfied with the quality of tutoring from the Boston Tutoring Center.

From the parent of two ISEE students:

We had an amazing experience at Boston Tutoring Center. Thanks to expert math coaching and a detail oriented approach to learning vocabulary words, students of BTC excel, (including our children), who were both admitted to Boston Latin School. The tutors are so experienced and teach content to build a strong knowledge base in preparation for the ISEE exam. One thing parents learn (we are students as well in this process!) is that there are absolutely no shortcuts around the time commitment in order to perform well on an important Exam. Anne Yount and her staff prepare the children while challenging them to stretch past their comfort zone and work with diligence. Their successes can only be achieved when their own hard work follows each tutoring session. The sessions are 2 hours duration weekly, followed by several hours of homework for the week. This is absolutely necessary in order to cover all of the challenging material that may appear on the Exams. I highly recommend the Center!

From the parent of a geometry and Latin student:

I have more than a mouth full to say about Boston Tutoring. Anne and Jen were always open and willing to talk with me or my son’s teachers about his needs. He struggled with geometry and Latin. He was failing both classes. I was referred to Boston Tutoring through a friend and it was the best decision I ever made. My son who is an honor roll student just couldn’t seem to grasp the material in either of these classes. This really caused some self-esteem issues with him. He’s very proud and outgoing, but to be actually failing was far beyond his comprehension. By the time Boston Tutoring Center was finished with him he passed geometry with a B and Latin with a C+. These are grades that are up from scores of 40 and below. So this was huge for him and it really put some pep back in his step. The personalized tutoring sessions are just what the doctor ordered. I love them and will recommend them to anyone in need of tutoring. Thank you, Boston Tutoring!

From the parent of an 8th grader:

My experience at Boston Tutoring Center has been a positive one. Since I started bringing my grandson in September, I have had good results in school. My grandson who is shy and does not open up to too many adults feels very comfortable with his tutors. They show him respect, and always say positive things, which gives him the confidence he needs to move forward. The first twelve weeks of tutoring he took Latin and math at the Center. On his first report card he got an A in Latin and a B in math. I was extremely pleased. [My grandson] is still continuing his tutoring at he Center with math and now has added science for one of his lessons. My grandson asked me if he could continue his tutoring at the Center until the end of the school year. He knows if he is having trouble in class and does not understand the lesson, he will be able to bring the work to the center and get the extra help he needs to move forward.

From the parents of two sixth graders:

We have had two daughters tutored at Boston Tutoring Center, one for the purpose of short-term concentrated ISEE test preparation, and the other for on-going classroom support. Both daughters have attended the Boston Public Schools, though one now attends an independent school in Brookline. They are very different types of learners and both have benefited greatly from their experience at Boston Tutoring Center.

We have worked with four different tutors over the course of the past year and have found the caliber of instruction uniformly excellent. The sessions are always thoughtfully structured, well paced and organized. Each tutor has been able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each child and to tailor the weekly learning session to their individual needs. They are very responsive to parental concerns and input and are able to address specific issues as they arise, in the sessions.

Anne Yount, the President/Owner, is very professional and is always willing to share her expertise and informed opinions. She creates a nurturing and challenging learning environment. Our daughter who is being tutored long-term looks forward to her weekly sessions, which have increased her self-esteem and anchored her academically. Her writing, math skills and test-taking confidence have all improved. The individual attention received by our daughters has helped both to increase their school performance and success.

Boston Tutoring Center is a wonderful resource which we highly recommend for any family seeking supplemental educational services.


Schools Admitted:

  • Archbishop Williams

  • Awty (Houston)

  • Beaver Country Day

  • Belmont Hill

  • Boston College High

  • Boston Latin Academy

  • Boston Latin School

  • Boston Trinity Academy

  • Boston University Academy

  • Brewster Academy

  • Brimmer and May

  • British School

  • Brooks

  • Buckingham, Browne and Nichols

  • Cambridge School of Weston

  • Campbell Hall (Los Angeles)

  • Cardigan Mountain

  • Catholic Memorial

  • Chapel Hill-Chauncey

  • Commonwealth School

  • Concord Academy

  • Dana Hall

  • Dexter

  • Fessenden

  • Fontbonne Academy

  • Groton

  • Kinkaid (Houston)

  • Lawrenceville

  • Lexington Christian Academy

  • Loomis Chaffee

  • Matignon

  • Meridian Academy

  • Milton Academy (25 students admitted in the past few years)

  • Montrose

  • Moses Brown

  • Mount Alvernia

  • Newman

  • Newton Country Day

  • Noble and Greenough (40 students admitted in the past few years)

  • O’Bryant

  • Park

  • Phillips Andover

  • Phillips Exeter

  • Pope John Paul II

  • Randolph (Alabama)

  • Rivers

  • Roxbury Latin (23 students admitted in the past few years)

  • Southfield

  • St. Agnes (Houston)

  • St. George’s

  • St. John’s (Houston)

  • St. Joseph’s

  • St. Mark’s

  • St. Sebastian’s

  • Stony Brook (New York)

  • Thayer Academy

  • Ursuline Academy

  • Winsor (41 students admitted in the past few years)

  • Woodward

  • Worcester Academy

  • Xaverian Brothers