Offering private tutoring at our West Roxbury Center (or online via Skype) for grades K-12 in:

  • Math (all levels K-12 - including Algebra, Geometry, Calculus and Statistics)

  • English (all levels grades K-12)

  • Reading (all levels grades K-12)

  • Writing (grades 3-12)

  • Test Prep - ISEE/SSAT, SAT, AP Exams, ACT, MCAS, Stanford 9, Terra Nova, Catholic Schools Entrance Exam

  • Spanish - Latin - French - ESL

  • Biology - Chemistry - Physics

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tutor working one-on-one with student at Boston Tutoring Center, West Roxbury, Mass

SAT Preparation

SAT Preparation

Our highly skilled and experienced tutors work one-on-one with your child to prepare them for the SAT, focusing on the areas they need to work on. Most SAT prep programs have a one-size-fits all approach, teaching the same material to a large group, with no room for individual instruction or attention. We believe that every student is unique, and as such, every student has unique strengths and weaknesses. The most effective SAT preparation program addresses these individual needs in a one-on-one environment that allows the material to be customized to each student’s specific needs.

  • We get results - our students increased their scores an average of 300 points, after as little as 12 hours of instruction with our experienced tutors

  • No cookie cutter curriculum - we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach

  • Customized - we evaluate your child’s individual needs and develop a customized program, tailored to address their specific strengths and weaknesses

  • Experienced tutors - our SAT tutors have many years of experience in SAT prep, some have worked for the big name test prep companies, and they have chosen to work for us because they believe our approach to test prep is superior

We recommend that students start SAT prep in the fall of their junior year. Our students typically take the test for the first time in December of their junior year, and for the second time in March of their junior year. Most students take the SAT 2-3 times. If students want to continue to try to increase their SAT score after the March test they have the option to take the test again in either May or June of their junior year.

The goal is for the students to complete their SAT prep and test taking by the end of their junior year. Students should be spending the summer before their senior year finalizing their college list and the fall of their senior year working on their college applications and essays.

Students who put off SAT prep end up under tremendous pressure in the fall of their senior year. Senior year is stressful enough for students, without the added pressure of still working on SATs. Getting an early start ensures a better outcome and a less stressful process for everyone!

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SAT prep can also pay off for many years to come. Students with higher SAT scores not only have a better chance at college admission, they are also more likely to be awarded merit scholarship money. Many of our students have been awarded 4 year scholarships equaling tens of thousands of dollars based on their high SAT scores.

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Private School Admission Consulting

private school admission consulting

Ms. Anne is an expert in private school admission, and she has two children (a 28 year old son, and a 16 year old daughter) who have attended private schools. She has helped over 1,500 students find a successful school placement.

Every year Ms. Anne hears from dozens of dejected families who “try to go it alone”, and they do not have good results. In fact, Ms. Anne is writing a book on private school admission, and the mistakes she sees parents making throughout the process. Don’t let your child’s applications end up in the “no” pile.

For students applying to independent schools we offer one-on-one, personalized admission consulting services with Ms. Anne and her staff. Students meet individually with an admissions consultant weekly for 6 months to work on research, resume development, mock interview preparation, and assistance with applications and essays. Support is also provided to parents with their interview preparation, applications and essays, and financial aid applications.

The process is highly personalized and customized to each student and family’s unique needs. The individual attention insures a high success rate as we partner with the student and the family throughout the process.

Visit our sister company Boston Private School Search to learn more about our admission consulting services.


From the parent of an SAT student:

I know he told you, but just so it’s official, his scores were:

CR: 610
M: 660
W: 620

That’s 80 points on writing and 30 on math! Not to speak of the huge improvement from his PSATs! So needless to say we’re very satisfied customers! And you’ll be happy to know he got his first college acceptance letter yesterday, from Siena College!”